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Company News >> How to care human hair wig?

 Although human hair wigs is a lot more expensive than chemical fiber wig, but human hair wigs looks more natural and both in daily life or on the stage can be arbitrary change shape. However, when it comes to real wig maintenance will not because it is a human hair wigs and optional as well as to maintain their own hair. The following several investment is to make your wig longer life must do well.

1 If you want to make a wig to get rid of the greasy feel that the first thing to do is wash her hair regularly.

2 As far as possible to reduce the frequency of the wash the wig, it is best to wear around six times in cleaning. If, however, it already looks hair oil is best to reduce the number of wigs on the premise of not cleaning time.

3 In the sequence of the knot of hair before cleaning wig, with pointed tail comb to comb the wig, or use a wig brush to brush Straight wig, remember to gently comb hair knot (brush).

4 In bowl into the warm water and pour into a suitable amount of shampoo, then put the wig soak in water for five minutes, gently squeeze out excess water, after the final rinse in clean water.

5 Wash the wig again in a bowl, then pour a little in hand shampoo gently knead by hand in a wig, remember never excessive scrubbing oh, and then rinse with clean warm water.

6 By pouring conditioner in hand, to be used in accordance with the instructions to too much oh, then knead, like washing her hair in the air after five minutes, finally wash.

 7 With a towel dry hair, and then put the wig on dry naturally. If you need to wear it, remember oh human hair wigs can blow dry it is best to use low heat.

8 The last step, comb gently air-dried wig. Then can freely with curly hair Or curling iron or straight hair machine model, and then use a wig spray or slight conditioner to finalize the design modelling.

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